There is often talk about how driverless vehicles will help us be safer/more productive but not much about how revolutionary it will be for people who are blind/people with disabilities.

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I am looking forward to this to be honest. It will be nice to just get in my car and go rather than have to stress about getting an uber or something. I’ve seen some of the AI stuff in person and its pretty crazy tbh. In a good way.


True, but that’s more likely to be down to relevancy and relatability. Most people aren’t blind and disabled.


But … there _IS_ a lot of talk about this though. I guess it depends on what you listen to.


Unfortunately people with disabilities are largely overlooked in the realm of advertising (and largely society as a whole) unless the product is specifically meant to aid with a disability. I’d like to think that moving forward, market research will lead companies to understand that a larger percent of the population is impaired than they originally believed. The advertising team seeing that they might need to widen their scope to include a significant percentage of a demographic would then make adjustments to their campaign. Ultimately though, this probably won’t happen without some solid representation somewhere. Representation for all disabilities is kind of a big ask though. There isn’t a lot of room in society for people who aren’t able to be productive and unfortunately, that’s many people who have a disability. It’s just the capitalistic way…


Oh my god YES It will have such a great impact on people who can’t drive, seniors, and even the culture of driving home from the bar/party with friends. I really look forward to that. My mom can’t drive anymore due to sudden partial blindness. It happened when I was 25 years old and an only child. Her being stuck at home unless I or a cousin or coworker could drive her somewhere was incredibly difficult. Emotionally, mentally, and physically devistating. She was a renouned therapist and had to take early retirement. Access to things like Amazon & Lyft are such amazing advancements, I’m so happy she is alive in a time such resources are available to folks as they age and lose abilities. (Also, fuck both companies union busting, that part about them is trash)