Tiananmen Massacre museum in HK closes down two days before event anniversary

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And life goes on, The world is watching While China is getting exactly what it wants


They should just move the musuem outside of Chinese territory so the faces, names and stories are not lost to history. I hope some measure of truth survives and the sacrifice of so many are not forgotten.


Hey CCP, Reportedly you’re trying to seem friendlier these days. You should note that trying to quash reference to massacres you definitely did is seen as very unfriendly because it shows a lack of remorse for all the murder of civilians you committed and gives the impression that you’re willing to commit more massacres in the future. Just a thought.


Erase that history as fast as you can. Want to bet it never opens again? John Cena says it never happened.


Just a few days ago, for the Tiananmen anniversary, the ccp trolls were out in force, writing “there is no repression, look there is even a museum”. Fucking zombies.