TIL, “Nosferatu” (1922) was nearly deleted from history because of copyright infringement

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That would’ve been awful. This movie is a masterpiece even after nearly 100years.


Little tl;dr for the interested. Dracula was a novel written in 1897 by Bram Stoker which created the titular character as we know him today, and basically paved the way for the modern horror genre. Bram Stoker died in 1912, and his estate, including the rights to his intellectual property was inherited by his widow Florence Balcombe. Nosferatu, a pioneering silent film in the horror genre released in 1922, was a **very blatant rip-off** of Stoker’s Dracula, and Balcombe sued its makers with the intention of collecting any revenue from the film, and destroying all its copies. She won in court 1925, but by then some copies of the film had been sent to the U.S, where Balcombe’s (European) copyright claims were considered moot, and the copies were allowed to survive. Largely because of this controversy the film became infamous, and much of the grotesque horror genre we know today owes its existence to it.


I ended up with a DVD copy that used Type O Negative as the soundtrack. Went really well together. Great movie so glad it is still around.


Still creepy af


That would have been an unimaginable loss for generations of fans and film makers to come.