TIL Stephen King sells the rights to some of his short stories for just $1, allowing aspiring filmmakers and students to adapt them into movies. This arrangement is known as the Dollar Baby.

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It is important to note that these just grant permission to the filmmaker to make a non-commercial adaptation. These aren’t traditional film industry ‘options’.


Apparently big actors help out smaller directors in a similar way. I heard about this with Scarlett Johansson in that movie Skin I believe.


For the amount of stories this guy cranks out, he could sell them all for $1 each and still have more bank than most of us lol.


And we still can’t get a god damned decent shot at The Dark Tower. Wish HBO would pick it up as a series or an animated show. Edit. Was at 19 upvotes. Thought it was well played. Then the downvotes came. Oh never change Reddit.


If I had $1 for every time this gets posted, I could buy the rights to “The Shining.”