TIL that female bees have a special organ in their abdomens called a spermatheca that allows them to store sperm for the rest of their lives after mating, as well as control the fertilization of the eggs when they are laid. Unfertilized eggs develop into males and fertilized eggs become females.

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THIS IS TRUE FOR THE QUEEN BEE not just “female,” bees.


TIL bees are illegal in Texas


Also, nearly all bees in the hive are female. All the workers are female. The drones are male. They are only hatched at the times of year when mating is necessary. So your TIL really applies only to the queen bee. She is the only bee that mates. And the worker bees kick all the drones out before winter. They don’t work, so don’t let them eat vital food stores for the winter.


I’ve heard the point made that Bees are the finest example of how we impress our cultural attitude on sex onto things where it really doesn’t fit. By any sane definition of sex, Bees have three sexes. Queens are female, Drones are male, and Workers are something else (Workers play no role in reproduction and are physiologically distinct from queens or drones). But no, we instead call a bee which neither mates nor lays eggs ‘female’ to make bees fall into the ‘two sex’ category we’re used to.


I am royal Jelly of this.