TIL that foil seals on over-the-counter medicine only became an industry standard after the Tylenol murders of 1982

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Tylenol’s decision to pull all bottles during that time is still held up as one of the high points of business ethics in universities


The part were the person who did it was never caught fills me with great safety!


Yeahhhh before that, there weren’t really seals on very many things, food included. Ketchup, mayo, peanut butter, toothpaste tubes, etc. We all just opened ‘em up without a thought.


Safety regulations are, almost *always*, written in blood. Remember this every time someone decries H&S type regs & thinks they should be scrapped.


i remember my dad talking about those murders in the 90’s. he laughed because he threw away the tylenol that he had at the time, but it was 6 months old when those murders were happening and we were states away. he just said that it just really spooked him that someone would do that.