TIL that the Bermuda triangle isn’t statistically more dangerous than almost any other place on the world’s oceans per capita, the traffic there is just much higher.

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When I was 14, I literally had nightmares about the Triangle. I was led to believe it was the most dangerous place in the world and any plane or ship that went in, never came out.


Oh yeah!? But what about that pilot in WWII that made some serious navigation errors? It’s not like anyone makes fatal navigation errors.


That’s what it *wants* you to believe.


Throw in the powerful currents you get from the Gulf Stream and when a ship *does* sink due to storm or natural causes, it might be pulled miles off its course and never found. Busy shipping lane, lots of storms, powerful ocean currents – nothing mystical or supernatural involved.


If anything it’s less dangerous than it should be given all the traffic, so it should really be known as the Bermuda Mysterious Safety Zone.