TIL that three german students got sued by their alma mater for 10,000€ because they graduated “too fast”. They completed their bachelors and masters degree within 4 instead of 11 semesters by attending different lectures and sharing notes. Then they founded a ghostwriting agency!

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Finish your homework early, thats a paddlin. Get to work early, that’s a paddlin. Finish your degree early and a successful apprenticeship, you better believe that’s a paddlin.


this is why a lot of colleges don’t like testing out or allowing certain credits to transfer. It’s quite a money making operation.


I don’t understand. The university let him take classes even though he already had other scheduled in those time slots? Also, did I miss something? The explanation reads as if he never attended the other courses, studied purely off the notes his friends gave him, and then just took the exams and passed them? The school should be interviewing him aggressively and founding a new degree based off him about managing your life, not fucking suing him


This was the FOM. While they offer regular Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, they’re a private school and thus sometimes not as highly regarded as public schools.


The renowned German efficiency.