TIL the term “crimes against humanity” was first used to describe the atrocities committed by Leopold the 2nd of Belgium in the Congo Free State, a regime so brutal that the mercenaries hired by Leopold had to show a human hand for every bullet they used to prove the bullet wasnt used for hunting.

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Imagine sending out a squad to commit a massacre and insisting upon *receipts*.


Yeah I’m starting to think I used the phrase inaccurately in my Yelp review when describing my local coffee shop’s decision to stop selling cranberry chocolate muffins.


What if you missed? Or what if it took more than one bullet to bring someone down?


There is a really good scifi book called Everfair by Nisi Shawl that deals with this time period. I thought she was exaggerating some of the atrocities for her story, after a brief excursion to wiki to see for myself….just wow. What a horrible time period.


Tricks on you Leopold! I cut off BOTH hands each time and still went hunting.