U.S. to give ransomware hacks similar priority as terrorism, official says

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This is great news. I was just saying that governments need to do this a couple weeks ago.


About fucking time. You know, if they went after Finance houses and CEOs, I might even support them. But now they go after hospitals and infrastructure and than means you rot at the bottom of a scum covered pond, you demented fucks.


Begs a kinetic response.


In other words, endless “wars” that: 1. Feature mostly ‘collateral damage’ 2. Serve to recruit endless generations of ‘terrorists’ from among the survivors of #1 3. Enrich a bunch of ineffectual government contractors 4. Diminish personal freedoms for everyone. The actual solution, of course, is to *get critical infrastructure and life-sustaining supply chains* **off** *the script-kiddy internet*. It never should have been on there in the first place.


*finally* TSA for the internet!