UK Blood Service to start accepting blood donations from people in the LGBT Community

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And, for those who don’t know, all blood donations in the UK are altruistic; no payment.


Funnily enough, Switzerland has a ban on donations from anyone who > Stayed in the United Kingdom (UK) (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands) between 1.1.1980 and 31.12.1996 for a total of 6 months or longer I think it’s a mad cow disease thing…


For those who are wondering why it was a thing in the first place, don’t they test blood anyway, it was mostly a cost thing in the past. They tested batches of blood together after mixing, instead of testing each individual donation, which used to be too expensive (idk about now). So if a batch contained certain things it had to be thrown out. Not sure if testing became cheaper or the spread of common illnesses isn’t as much of a problem now.


While NZ won’t take blood from Brits.


and all we needed was a massive worldwide blood shortage.