Urban crime fell by over a third around the world during COVID-19 shutdowns according to an analysis of crime rates in 27 major cities across 23 countries. Daily assaults fell by an average of 35%, robberies by 46%, and other types of theft by 47%.

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Meanwhile domestic violence and child abuse rose


This was 100% expected by criminologists. Street crime is in large part a social phenomenon of opportunity. If fewer opportunities to commit crime present themselves, less street crime will occur. White collar crime, on the other hand, probably spiked right around the PPP loan disbursement periods, but nobody is interested in investigating white collar crime, which has in the research literature shown to be as harmful as street crime.


Press ‘**X**’ to doubt. Especially in Los Angeles, where there’s an explosion in violent crimes, aggravated assaults, catalytic converter thefts and murders. Numbers haven’t been this high since the crack epidemic of the 1980s/1990s.


Fewer people outside to be victims.


Not in the US, it didn’t. We’ve been experiencing just the opposite since at least last summer. It’s the Ferguson effect on steroids.