Using cultured cells to study SARS-CoV-2 infections, researchers in Japan have discovered that the drugs cepharanthine and nelfinavir are effective at combating the virus, with the former preventing the virus from entering cells and the latter preventing the virus from replicating.

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I actually took part as a “lab rat” testing how effective ritonavir was at reducing symptoms when I got Covid back in January! Crazy to see this now after doing that trial. I didn’t partake in these particular studies mentioned in the op. Edit: I did a trial for ritonavir NOT nelfinavir, both are used for HIV treatment though and do just about the same thing


That sounds like a good news.


Isn’t Nelfinavir an Elven archer in Lord of the Rings?


There is also research that ivermectin works. There is a whole bunch of research out there on how to treat covid.


Let’s hope this works on all variants…