Vancouver Catholic school students call on religious order to apologize for its role in residential schools

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The more I learn about the Catholic Church the more I realize how fucking horrific it is. It’s lies. Mother Theresa was a horrible person, they harboured predators internationally and killed/stole/raped babies for years, all within my parents lifetime.


Yeaaahh… That’s not going to happen.


The Vancouver archdiocese bishop had apologized for this after the recent discovery. Is that going to count?


With the growing list of atrocities committed by the catholic church why not just label them a Terrorist Organization? We do it to others for less.


The church does not apologize. You may do something wrong but the church and it’s employees never do. They like to try to hold parishioners to this crazy level of behavior walking the straight and narrow but for the employees it’s always yeah their human cut them some slack. Residential schools and child deaths for dis-obeying is right up their alley. Never let yourself be alone with the churches employees, male or female….