Veteran’s microphone cut off when he discusses Blacks’ role in establishing Memorial Day

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The paper worked really hard at making it very clear that the sound guy was not at fault. I respect that.


And now his message and their attempt at censorship made city news and has been posted on Reddit, not to mention a couple names of the racist organizers. I’d say they accidentally turned the good Lt Colonel’s volume up.


” Suchan said organizers wanted this part excluded because it “was not relevant to our program for the day,” and added the “theme of the day was honoring Hudson veterans.” ” load of bs excuses. The veteran tried to share how black slaves honored fallen soldiers. How is that not relevant to the theme of the day?


Totally rude and unprofessional. I hoped they are voted out or removed indefinitely from the Union.


>Kemter looks at the crowd, smiles and explains that this was why he had asked attendees to move closer when he opened his speech. He continues speaking, and after about two minutes, the microphone comes back on and stays on for the remainder of the speech. This is why this man is a boss. He recognized their intentions and foresaw that they would pull something, and took action to make sure everyone heard this story anyways.