Veterinary Practice Threatening to Send me to Collections

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Most likely if they are refusing to provide you the details you are looking for you will have to take them to small claims court. Where I live you don’t have to have a lawyer to do this but it can cost several hundred dollars to go there.


The problem is proving that the dog was no longer yours when the services were rendered. If you can prove that in front of a judge, then it might be worth fighting on principal alone. However it will go to collections first and then you will need to get it removed by disputing the debt with proof. If you can’t prove it, I’d pay it and then make it my mission to let every man, woman and child know this place is shady. That’ll cost them WAY more in lost revenue than $300. If it helps with the anger about it, just think of it as them charging you $2100 for the overnight stay. If they had done so you would have just paid it and moved on.


I would forward the bill to the shelter and ask them to pay it since it was for services after you surrendered the dog.


Don’t shy away from small claims. It sounds daunting but *usually* it’s pretty cheap, and just takes some time. It’ll force a more formal disclosure and review of the billing etc. Maybe more importantly, it’ll also show the company you aren’t just a pushover. Also, because they are a company, it’s likely they will send an attorney to represent them. It’s possible an attorney will bill them at least a few hundred an hour, and spend several hours prepping for small claims. It’ll cost the company loads more than you to take it there.


Sorry about your dogs back problem it’s good you found a rescue to pay for surgery and provide a home. You paid $1,800 of the first day and a half? The $300 is probably the costs of the additional care the dog got before ownership was transferred to the rescue. You didn’t take the dog home after you paid the $1,800 did you? Suggest next pet to get pet insurance right away. Pets have all kinds of accidents and genetic issues just like people. Vets are very expensive, thank the Gods not as expensive as Doctors.