West Papua revokes quarter of a million hectares of land from palm oil

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Yeah! Fuck palm oil! I don’t want that shit in 90% of my food.


Those who reject palm oil have no idea how ubiquitous palm oil derivative products are. Your detergent (all sorts of soap), chocolate, all sorts of cosmetics, many drugs (all suppositories, tablets containing SLS), all sorts of food products (confectionary, creamer, pastry, ice cream, frying oil, snacks, margarines, pizza dough) all use palm oils or derivatives of palm oils. And there is no better substitute. Palm oil has the highest yield per square meter land used compared to other vegetable oils. The solution is not to reject palm oil, but to source from sustainable palm oil. Look for the RSPO logo (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).


That’s so communist! Corpos should be able to exploit any land they want as long as they pay hefty fines of $5,000 on annual basis! /s


Sustainable Palm Oil is the way to go as it requires companies to be transparent with where the oil is coming from and produced along with investing in and supporting smallholder programmes and sustainable landscape initiatives.


Good for them. Next, hopefully West Papua can be removed from Indonesia’s barbaric occupation and left to freedom.