What is something free from the internet, which everyone should take advantage of?

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Audacity -A powerful audio editor, ideal for music and podcasts. Autodesk Fusion 360 -CAD/CAM software. Bit Warden -Open-source password management service. Blender – Free and open source 3D creation suite. Cake Walk – music production software Dark Table – Open-source photography workflow application and raw developer. Dashlane -Cross-platform subscription-based password manager and digital wallet application. DaVinci Resolve -Color correction and non-linear video editing application. FreeCAD -open-source general-purpose parametric 3D computer-aided design modeler. GIMP -A powerful open source photo and image editing tool. Godot Engine -a 2D and 3D, cross-platform, free and open-source game engine released under the MIT license. Glitch – Build fast, full-stack web apps in your browser. Glimpse Image Editor – A photo editor for everyone. Greenshot -A free screenshot tool optimized for productivity. Handbrake -the open source video transcoder Honey -a browser extension that aggregates and automatically applies online coupons on eCommerce websites. Hitfilm-Express -Video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools. Inkscape – Free and open-source vector graphics editor. KDEnLive -open-source video editing software based on the MLT Framework, KDE and Qt. Keepass -free and open-source password manager primarily for Windows. Krita -Free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation. Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) – open-source software for video recording and live streaming. LibreOffice -Open-source office suite. LMMS -a digital audio workstation application program. MagicaVoxel -A free lightweight GPU-based voxel art editor and interactive path tracing renderer. MediBang Paint Pro -FREE digital painting and comic creation software. Musescore -Create, play and print beautiful sheet music Ocenaudio – Easy, fast, and powerful audio editor. Opentoonz – animation production software. Paint.NET -a freeware raster graphics editor program for Microsoft Windows developed on the .NET Framework Photopea -Web-based raster and vector graphics editor. Pixlr – Feature-packed online photo editor. QGIS -open-source cross-platform desktop geographic information system application Radio Garden – Explore live radio by rotating the globe. RawTherapee – free, cross-platform raw image processing program Reaper -Digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software ShareX -Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool. Shotcut -A slick open source program for advanced video editing. SlidesGo -Free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. Switch -Convert and encode sound files quickly. The Noun Project – Icons for everything. TurboTax Sucks Ass – website that makes it easy to file your taxes. Unity -cross-platform game engine. Unreal Engine – the most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Unsplash – Beautiful free images and pictures. VLC media player -open-source portable cross-platform media player software and streaming media server VS Code -free source-code editor. Waveform – fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators. Wavepad -Audio and music editor for Windows and Mac. Wcostream – anime and animated Tv-show/movie site with dubs and subs. 7-Zip – file archiver with a high compression ratio > Some learning material: Codecademy – free sessions and exercises for any coding language. Coursera – Online courses & Certifications.( Not all courses/certifications are free, but worth it) Cybrary – The Cybersecurity and IT Career Development Platform Edx – Online courses & Certifications.( Not all courses/certifications are free, but worth it) FreeCodeCamp – Learn to code at home. Goal Kicker – Free programming books in any language. Khan Academy -a non-profit educational organization. Learn with Google – Courses and certifications from Google. Learn with Microsoft on Edx (Free) – Courses from Microsoft. MDN Web Docs – Resources for developers, by developers. MIT courses -MIT’s OpenCourseware. Octave -software featuring a high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations. Basically free MatLab Alternative R- programming language -free software environment for statistical computing and graphics Repl.it – Code and collaborate, without friction. W3Schools – The world’s largest Web Development learning site.


Wolfram Alpha. Idk if it’s already been said but Wolfram Alpha was a lifesaver for checking answers when taking Calc 1-3 in college. Definitely useful for all sorts of answers, but answers for science and math questions, it’s great.


Google Scholar. If you type that in and then look up any thing you want the results are all scholarly work. If you type in volcanos you will get an absolute ton of scientific documents about volcanos, any research that is being done on them, any papers that have been written about them and any data you might want is there. Next time you write a paper for a science class check out google scholar! Edit 1: thanks every one for the awards! While it is true that a lot of things require payment but if your a college student and you have a student email you should be able to access a lot of the information!


Wikipedia. We take that site for granted, big time. There are few things in this world that do not have a Wikipedia page. People have dedicated hours, days, even their entire lives, to filling the site up with all the knowledge one could ever need. All that information is ***free!*** Want to learn about the history of the escalator? Wikipedia has it. Interested in the Civil War? You bet you can find it on Wikipedia. Wikipedia will not be around forever, folks. Use it while you have it. Read random articles. It’s fun.


Creddle.io – a free resume builder site. You fill it out like an online application and it generates your resume in different styles for you. Landed me a couple of jobs after I started using it. EDIT: Thank you for the awards everyone, but I’d like to give credit where it’s due. Big thanks to u/cpcarey, creator of the site!