What pro wrestling can teach us about the quest for truth

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Interesting article, however, I believe the author had to simplify the reality of the wcw downfall for this article. There were multiple factors to the downfall of wcw namely: -relying on old wrestlers too much, thus failing to establish a younger generation of stars -failing to capture the zeitgeist -failing to give satisfying endings, inconclusive endings in wrestling still get called wcw or Russo (a powerful behind the scenes Person of wcw) like -the promising, younger talent jumping ship to wwf due to all of the above. Just wanted to be clear that the wcw did not perish merely due to fake-shoot booking


wrestling philosophy is just the absolute best kind of philosophy. ​ It just shows how you really can pull deeper meaning from just about anything you decide to commit yourself to.


“It’s a work, brother.” —Plato


We’re all living in different realities, it just depends on how you perceive it.


Philosophy and wrestling? My two greatest loves