What’s a common misconception about sex?

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Speaking as an experienced slut here: your dick hang-ups are baseless. Your porn is not real, not authentic, and is damaging your relationships and your self-esteem. There are very few, and I mean *very few* people in this world who find out their partner has a 10 inch dick and are delighted about it. Huge dicks = pain, discomfort and even injury during and after penetration, unreliable and soft erections, prep takes forever (sometimes literally weeks if you want to do anal safely), limited comfortable positions, and a lot of partners who literally physically cannot take your dick. Of course individuals have their own preference, but generally speaking people who are **obsessed** with dick size (their own or not) outside of fantasies are mostly porn addicts, virgins, and fetishists/size queens. The average dick size is roughly 5-6 inches because the average (aroused) vagina is basically the same length, and despite what your favourite hentai tells you, slamming the cervix is NOT A GOOD IDEA unless your partner is specifically into it. Also, only about 20% of people with vaginas are physically capable of reaching orgasm through penetration alone (and the prostate is only 2-4 inches deep too btw) so if you actually gave a shit about your sexual prowess – FINGERS, TONGUES, TOYS, AND TALKING. By their powers combined, you can have great sex with pretty much anyone regardless.


That it needs to last an hour to be good.


That it’s the most important thing ever and you’ll die a virgin if you don’t have it before you hit your 20s or whatever. Look, sex is fun and all (but it can also be… bad), but it’s not the end of the goddamn world if you’re still a virgin after you graduate high school, or by your 30s, or beyond. There’s other shit worth focusing on that’s enjoyable, too. Also: Nobody owes you sex. No matter how nice you were to them, no matter how hard you tried to make them feel bad for you, no matter how attractive you think you are… nobody owes you sex.


That the vagina gets “loose” with frequent sex. Imagine if your asshole gaped forever after you had a particularly large turd.


That you’re supposed to “pound each other like jackhammer”. Slowly but smoothly rocking in and out has its place. And no matter what, when one of you says “right there, don’t stop”, don’t stop and just keep doing *exactly* what you were doing.