What’s a dead/dying video game that you wish would make a comeback?

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Spore. I used to love creating my creature and evolve it over time.


Titanfall , was such a awesome game but it’s pretty much abandoned by EA. It’s a real shame , it was so innovative and it’s been left to die for apex


Lord of the rings battle for middle earth


1 vs. 100. Great party game, even people who aren’t gamers had a blast. Coolest part was its uptime was actually scheduled – basically like event television. Usually on 5 nights a week at varying times. Certain themed nights, but usually general topics. Host voiceover was done live. They had something huge going with that game. Just couldn’t fund it enough.


I’m still kinda upset that terraria otherworld never came out, had us waiting for years! Fable was a good series also.