What’s the best Father’s Day gift idea?

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I once made my dad a bobble head of himself out of air dry clay. It wasn’t the best quality because I hadn’t ever made a bobble head before, but he LOVED it. He cried (rare occurrence) and then showed every one he knew.


Depends on the father. My dad is a heavy coffee drinker, likes peanuts, and he works out since before I was born. I got him some small-farm Colombian coffee, three dri-fit long-sleeve shirts and a huge bag of trail-mix.


Idk if this is the best. But every year I detail clean my dads car. And he loves it cuz he is older. And such a busy man, he never has the time to do it himself. So if you got the supplies try surprising him with a super clean car


An entire day with absolutely no responsibility whatsoever


Spending time and making memories. My Dad just died last week somewhat unexpectedly. I was able to see him and spend time before he passed which I will treasure forever. My Dad and I would make a point of just hanging out together on Father’s day and do stuff. We did train rides, boat rides, plane rides. Sometimes just driving around and having dinner. The point was just to enjoy each other’s time. I don’t remember any physical gifts I gave him. But those memories of spending the day and doing awesome stuff I will keep with me forever. Miss you Dad ♥️ Edit: Wow, I had no idea this would blow up like this. Thank you all for the kind words and awards. Reading all of your stories about your own Dad’s brings so many good tears. I am so lucky to have had such a great Dad and even luckier to tell him that before he passed . For those of you who didn’t have a good Dad or didn’t have one at all, be that Dad. To your kids, to your nieces and nephews, to your friends kids. Hell even to the neighborhood kids. It matters.