WHO says nearly 200,000 Palestinians need health aid after Gaza conflict

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This is a good example of a misleading, but not false headline. It technically says they “need health aid **after** Gaza conflict,” which means “subsequent to” the Gaza conflict, which is true. But it implies “because of” the Gaza conflict, which is not true. The article itself says that the number includes Palestinians in the West Bank, who obviously weren’t affected by the conflict. And the total number of injuries is less than 5% that number.


I thought the headline was a question


Maybe Hamas can provide the health aid instead of saving for more rockets this time.


Make Hamas pay for it


If only Hamas spent less money on guns and missiles and rockets and other weapons, tunnels and uniforms and Military salaries and didn’t place their missile launchers next to schools and hospitals and civilian housing…. Hamas has been a bigger enemy of the Palestinian people than Israel in some ways. They shoot themselves in the foot better than they do Israel. The Palestinians deserve better from Israel AND their own government! How do you make progress with a group that insists on your destruction? Negotiations don’t happen, restrictions don’t lessen….. Arabs in Israel are treated better than Arabs in many Arab countries.