Word of Warning about T-Mobile MONEY Accounts

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You’d likely be better off just transitioning to a more conventional banking product altogether, directly with the offering bank. Affiliate deposit relationships (that’s all this is) are rife with issues historically.


I’d cancel the card while you’re at it. If they can’t be trusted to keep your banking info private (since you never used it, the only other source the leak can be from is them), then they can’t be trusted to keep a “disabled” card disabled either. In fact, I’d get rid of the TMM account altogether. This was a serious breach of trust, leaking your info, not alerting you about it and not having proper fraud protection despite having suffered a leak. I just couldn’t trust a company that operates like that with my money.


Just so people know. Your debit card information is not random. Its known and easily guessed too.


Never activate a debit card if you have no intention of using. In fact, don’t even get a debit card if you have the choice. A Credit Card offers a whole lot more protection.


I have a T-Mobile Money account and just followed your advice about notifications and disabling my debit card. Thank you for posting.