Your Amazon Echo Will Share Your Wi-Fi Network With Neighbors, Unless You Opt Out

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Isn’t this a TOS violation with your broadband provider, and it can potentially get your service terminated/account canned? Honestly not sure how I feel about this. Opting people into sharing their connection with neighbors silently is definitely not cool. As much as I hate the broadband companies, they could really give Amazon a good thrashing here, by suspending user accounts with these devices connected to them and which have the feature enabled, to really call attention to what Amazon is doing. But that is probably going too far, especially during a pandemic.


To check your settings: Alexa App – More – Settings – Account Settings – Amazon Sidewalk Mine was currently clicked to “disabled”


I want to preface this by saying Amazon Sidewalk is a potentially dangerous feature (security-wise) that sets the wrong precedent for the future of home networking and benefits Amazon at your expense which is not cool at all. But I’m also tired of seeing misinformed headlines that are designed to scare people. Read up on it, folks, it doesn’t just let whoever is walking by connect to your SSID.


Throw them in the garbage.


No, people will not be able to browse the internet using your wifi. It just allows Amazon devices to access your wifi to determine their exact location, creating a large “Tile-like” network to help find lost devices.