3,000 eggs abandoned after drone scares birds in California

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> Two drones were flown illegally over the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach in May and one of them went down in the wetlands, The Orange County Register said.

> Fearing an attack from a predator, several thousand terns abandoned their ground nests, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Unfortunately no mention of catching the perps.


This is really upsetting


One time I was hiking in Banff with my wife and we came across a clearing with a big herd of elk, maybe 150 of them.

We start very cautiously moving through the brush to avoid them when some moron on a trail above us launches a drone that startles the elk and causes them to start fleeing. Thankfully they went in the opposite direction from us, but buddy nearly got us trampled.

Drones are cool and very useful tools, but too many people are reckless with them.


When drones are banned for unlicensed use, this kind of thing is going to be why.


Humans are such a disease.


Microsoft Bing raises concerns over lack of image results for Tiananmen ‘tank man’

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For ‘tank man’, it blocks the search entirely.

For ‘tiananmen square’, it just shows pictures of it not involving the massacre. At least for the first few expansions I checked.

But ‘tiananmen square’ does show it as a thumbnail in the suggested search for ‘tiananmen square massacre’, and if you search for that, you get tank man, pictures of bodies… obviously not censored.

So my guess is some of their censorship filters accidentally got set to ‘everywhere’ instead of ‘Chinese IPs’.

Of course if it’s not fixed soon, that’s a whole other issue. China was never going to be happy with just censoring topics for connections originating from their country. (I’m connecting from the US).

Edit: I forgot it’s the anniversary of the event, and now I’m a little more suspicious about how intentional it was. Bug pops up just in time for the anniversary, then gets fixed after… Mmhmm.


>Microsoft said the issue was “due to an accidental human error and we are actively working to resolve this.

Anybody else not believe this?



Google: tank man – get images of tank man (Tienanmen Square).

Bing: tank man – get images of men in tanks!


I’m just wondering who used bing let alone used it enough to find this.


What bothers me is that this is the company who won the JEDI Contract to move all of the US’s DOD files to the cloud. And they are bowing to China? Not a good sign.


Hudson American Legion to close permanently after cutting veteran’s mic during Memorial Day speech

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The state chapter threatened to pull their ticket unless they saw some resignations. Guess they were serious.

Edit: BTW it was quite a statement.

>Statement from the Facebook page of the American Legion — Department of Ohio:

>It is clear and evident through the statement sent to our Department that the Officers of American Legion Post 464 intentionally censored Lt. Col Bernard Kemter, US Army (Ret.) during his Memorial Day speech hosted by American Legion Post 464 of Hudson, Ohio.

>This action was highly inconsiderate and proved to be a feeble judgment call made by the Officers of Post 464 and not at all aligned with the Principles, Pillars, and People, of The American Legion. Not acknowledging or discussing history that involves people of a different race and color is akin to eliminating or making invisible the fact that people of color exist and were/are part of this vital piece of history regarding a ceremony that veterans, families of veterans, and community members, hold reverent.

>Therefore, Department Commander Roger Friend asks for the resignation of James E. Garrison, Post 464 Adjutant, and Cindy Suchan, Auxiliary President of Post 464 effective immediately. A formal letter from Commander Roger Friend has been sent to the said parties and a decision for the existence of this Post and a trial-board hearing for this incident is currently pending.


>pre-meditated and planned by Jim Garrison and Cindy Suchan

Wow! Not and ‘Oops!’ moment then


>During his Memorial Day speech, Kemter referenced historians from Harvard when he said, “Memorial Day was first commemorated by an organized group of freed black slaves less than a month after the Confederacy surrendered.”

>Suchan had told the Akron Beacon Journal that the volume was turned down during part of Kemter’s speech because “it was not relevant to our program for the day” and the “theme of the day was honoring Hudson veterans.”

I’m…sorry? The first commemoration of Memorial Day is NOT relevant to your Memorial Day ceremony???


My father tried to joined the VFW after he got home from Vietnam. They told him he wasn’t a veteran of a real war. He left and never went back. They did this to all the Veterans coming back from Vietnam for quite awhile.

When they changed their tune and realized they needed new blood to keep going, none of the Vietnam Vets would step foot in the building.

The building is no longer a VFW….


Solid response. James E. Garrison and Cindy Suchan can get fucked.


In India, 3,000 doctors just resigned after a court tried to block them from striking

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This definitely isn’t what the country needs right now but with the way that the country treats its doctors, I’m not surprised. There’s a reason why it’s common for them to emigrate.


Good. And I better not see any of you blaming them. It’s the Indian government’s fault for trying to exploit doctors, not the doctors’ fault for refusing to be exploited. The sooner they get fair conditions the sooner they can get back to handling the pandemic. They’re not the greedy ones here – the politicians trying to steal their fair pay are the greedy ones.


I just….I came from a 12 hour duty , getting abused( very common by patients attendant), you can’t even abuse back because they will bring a whole mob.Its mental torture seeing news like this.I deleted instagram and twitter because our own countrymen hate us.Its just vile working here.I have lost all my will to save people, now it’s just do your job, don’t try to be too helpful, don’t go near critical cases ( almost half dead patients will be brought and we are trying , godammit we are trying but you bring someone at a very critical stage, there’s a limit to what we can do).
I know good people from my batch, people who worked with NGOs and went to village and slum , they are down right terrified to continue doing the work.
It’s saddening and horrific.


“India is the world’s largest democracy!”

*India makes it illegal for doctors to strike.*

“Ah, well, nonetheless.”


i hear pm modi praise the “front line workers” almost everyday and yet he keeps them under such poor conditions, indian courts are straight up bs


Major Kyrsten Sinema Supporter Says Abolish Filibuster Or Get Out Of The Senate

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she’s already lost her next election. and not just because she doesn’t want us to have voting rights, she’ll get primaried to death


I dont get why she so against it. Just saying she is 100% against it takes away her bargaining power.


> “We need more people who are not just politicians who will say or do anything to get elected.”



Do they mean undercover Republican Senator Kyrsten Sinema?


The only way to really change things is to find out who their donors are and apply pressure there. Money is really the only thing so many of these people care about so hit them where it hurts.


What bad habit will you probably never give up?

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Thinking whenever I pay for something in cash that its free because it doesn’t appear in my bank statement


procrastinating everything! Even small things I find difficult to do straight away


Picking my nose. I never stopped and probably never will. I know, I’m gross


Staying up waaaay too late and caffeine.


Skin picking. I finally have a skincare routine that works for me, really well actually, but the second I even think I see a pimple or clogged pore I immediately undo all that hard work and claw at it until my face looks like I’m an extra in a zombie movie.

Edit: removed an extra “an” at the very end, whoops.


TIL that raccoons have extremely sensitive front paws, and often moisten objects to “see” them better with their paws (largely to determine if they are food).

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In German they are called Waschbären which translates to washing bear


I was just talking about the raccoon washing his cotton candy and being sad like 10 mins ago.


I heard a noise out in the garage one night and turned on the light to see a raccoon sitting up on his haunches on the workbench spinning a Bic pen with his fingers like he was some kind of baton twirler you’d see in a parade.


Raccoons are cute until they open up the garbage can, pull the trash bag out, rip it up and scatter garbage all over the yard.


I once held hands with a raccoon. I was camping. Sleep in a tent, I awoke to “someone” holding my hand through the thin tent fabric. I was so scared I could barely speak “Help” I choked out. “There’s someone out there”. My husband, after much prodding woke up. We opened the tent and discovered a raccoon, eyes aglow in the flashlight glare.


TIL that a hairless cyclops deformed piglet was stillborn in 1642 and it looked so much like a local man, George Spencer, that he was brought before a magistrate on suspicion of unnatural relations. He confessed and recanted, but ultimately Spencer was hanged and the mother pig put to the sword.

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How ugly was old George that someone looked at a dead cyclops pig fetus and thought, “You know who that looks like. . .?”


My brain went – “I’ll click on the link cause Ive got to see a picture of how ugly this man is.” Like they whipped out a digital camera in 1642.


Imagine tomorrow, the farmer from up the road had a piglet that looked like you.

Then your neighbors collectively decided that you were a pig fucker and murdered you for it.

Almost 400 years later and the only reason we remember him is because of this.


“George, did you fuck a pig?”


“Kill ‘em!”

“But not *that* pig, she’s ugly”


Wood floats on water, as do ducks. Therefore, if the woman weighs the same as a duck, she must be able to float on water, which means she is made of wood, and consequently must be a witch.


Antibody-laden nasal spray could provide a shield against COVID

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I saw someone today talking about eradicating covid with the current vaccine. I hope this technology is viable because I think it is going to be with us for a while.


It’ll be a sad day if injecting bleach is proved effective…


St. Vincent’s hospital in Melbourne had been looking at nasal delivered heparin to stop the virus (es) from even getting into the body. Cheap and effective but the big pharma wouldn’t make much money out of it.


I know this is a crazy idea…. But what about a face mask to shield against COVID?

Thoughts guys?


$TLSA has a drug that is a nasally delivered antibody for MS and Alzeheimers 🙌