‘$2 Trillion Was Already the Compromise’: Progressive Revolt Brews Over Biden’s Infrastructure Offer to GOP | “The president can’t expect us to vote for an infrastructure deal dictated by the Republican Party,” said Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

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And after its negotiated down, the GQP won’t vote for it, anyway. Don’t fall for it, Charlie Brown. Lucy will pull the football away this time, too. ^(and next time)


Every single time. Republicans take office. Bulldoze everything with or without Dem support. Dems take office. Pander to Republicans, trying to find a compromise. Stop fucking trying to negotiate with others that do it in bad faith!


Democrats negotiating with themselves as always


Back to $3 Tril.


Here’s the thing, Donald Trump established plenty of precedent for ignoring and bypassing Congress when they wouldn’t fund his projects. It’s time for Joe Biden to let Republicans understand that what they serve to Democrats will in turn be served to them. They didn’t want to restrain Trump unless he was about to start a war, so it’s time for Democrats to let Biden have similar free reign. Democrats only need enough Senators to avoid an impeachment.