7-11 is opening 500 EV charging stations by the end of 2022

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Gonna need to bring back arcade cabinets in that case.


Cool, but dear god I hope I never have to hang out in a 7-11 for as long as it takes to recharge a motor EDIT: Thank you to everyone who informed me that 7-11 is upgrading to Japan/Wawa/Speedway standards. No thank you to everyone who reminded me that there’s a battery in between my charger and my motor.


I hope they add an outdoor dining option so I can really enjoy the view of the parking lot while savoring my slurpee and microwaved burrito


No list of locations? Canadian here who needs more charging options


What’s interesting to me about these is that they will be owned and operated by 7-11. As opposed to contracting with a third party like EVgo, Electrify America, ChargePoint, etc. That may be cause for other convenience chains to re-think how they offer their EV charging solutions, and it may upend the companies that “rent” lot space to host their chargers.