A child crying over spilled milk isn’t as commom as a child crying about parents screaming at them over spilled milk.

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best quote for this subject: **”When a parent keeps criticizing their kids, they don’t stop loving the parent. They stop loving themselves.**”


My kids have definitely cried way more over spilled drinks than I’ve ever yelled at them for spilling.


Being yelled at as a child formed me into the woman I am today: broken, and severely damaged.


I never understood yelling at kids for spilling stuff. I spill shit constantly. The important thing is to teach them to clean it up afterwards and let me know I need to buy more milk. That’s all that really matters.


The number of times I cried over spilled breast milk while pumping…. Then cried harder when I realized how sad it was that I’m literally crying over spilled milk…. Hormones man.