A man loses his hat and decides the easiest way to get another one is to steal it.

He goes to the church cloakroom to get a hat. A sermon about the Ten Commandments was going on. The man pauses to listen and then changes his mind. On nearing the exit, he runs into the pastor. He says, “I came here with sin in my heart. I must say, you saved me from crime.” The pastor replies, “That’s nice to hear. What sin were you about to commit?” The man replies, “I came here to steal a hat, but your sermon made me change my mind.” The priest says, “May I know what part of my sermon made you see the error of your ways?” The man replies, “When you reached the ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ part, I suddenly remembered where I left my hat.”

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That was good I must admit.


Dear mods, I propose that incorrectly using the “Long” tag is the only reason for being banned here.


Coincidentally, my wife has a new hat.


The best jokes have the right amount of subtlety