Ahead of Tiananmen anniversary, Taiwan calls on China to return power to the people

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China: “lolnope, have a nice invasion threat instead”.


Lol how did a Sheboygan WI radio station website get linked through to a Reddit


China’s like “anniversary of what?”


The Republic of China calls for West Taiwan to return power to the people


If China uses the US election system, I am 100% sure the Chinese will vote a Chinese Trump, and the first thing on his list is taking back Taiwan and fucking with the US. The social media in China is just as bad as it is in the US, and the CCP is kind of losing control over it already. The Chinese social media is full of warmongers, and they are sick of the word order established by the western countries. Compared to that group, the CCP is much more reasonable. So if Taiwan wants China to return power to the people, then good for you. Just be careful of what you are wishing for.