Algal biodiesel could be the best eco-friendly fuel option of tomorrow

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Future of fuels is easy. Does it remove CO2 from atmosphere in the beginning of a process like electrofuels? Then yes. Are we hoping that nature will do the CO2 storage work for us when we are cutting down all those valuable forests? Then no.


These guys are really late to the party. This idea was super-hot starting around 2006, and got a lot of funding, by 2010 most algae biofuel companies were “pivoting” to higher-value algae products, and by 2016 almost all were out of business. The problem is that it is inherently hard to harvest microscopic plants and then extract the desired products.


Solar panels and eco friendly / recyclable batteries. That’s all there is to it.


  *Biofuel and biorefinery production by marine haptophytes.* Yoshihiro Shiraiwa I cant find his paper at the moment.


I’m all for ramping seaweed farming, and I think algae fuel can be one part of the solution. But my eyes are on Prometheus Fuels and competitors, poised to use air-captured CO2 to create jet fuel, diesel, and everything else we use fossil oil/gas for now. One advantage to seaweed farming might be that it leaves an employment option for people who might have been otherwise left unemployed by the shift from oil and gas. Plus fishermen (fisherpeople?) who are displaced as cultured seafood makes its way to market.