Amazon’s Ring to require police requests for user videos to be public

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“requests”? How about you require a fucking warrant.


This is the part where you just don’t use smart devices like ring or alexa and stuff if you value your privacyyy. Minimize!


Do email providers have this same freedom to send your emails to the government? Do cloud providers allow the police to dig through your data to find evidence…potentially to incriminate you?


Can you guys read the damn article. It’s saying that cops wanting to request your doorbell footage previously had to privately DM you asking for it, now any request for footage has to be made publicly. This article has 0 mention about bypassing warrants and stealing your footage without your permission…


I know Reddit is vehemently anti Amazon/Ring but once people age and start owning homes they might see the value in having cameras at your front door. I honestly would have no problem if there was a crime in my neighbourhood and the police asked me if my doorbell caught any footage of it.