Ancient tsunami could have wiped out Scottish cities today, study finds – Research maps the extent of the catastrophic Storegga tsunami 8,200 years ago for the first time

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Rob Larter on Twitter: >”Good to see some coverage of this natural hazard in the media, but I disagree with the statement that there is no similar threat today. The geological record shows that there is.” … >”Studies of the Norwegian continental margin and sediments in the deep parts of the Norwegian Sea reveal a long history of large submarine landslides, of which the Storegga Slide was simply the most recent and certainly not the largest.” … >”The typical recurrence period is probably somewhere between once in 10,000 and once in 100,000 years, so it’s a low probability in our lifetimes. However, the threat is real and there are some indications that such events may be associated with times of warming.”


In the article, it says that this tsunami has been theorized to be the event that inundated doggerland…..ehhh…maybe it helped, but I think rising sea levels had done most of it..just like every other land bridge


I’m out of touch. I thought the Storegga slides was originally thought to have been caused by the continental shelf collapsing West of Norway but then they found evidence of a massive crashed meteor in Greenland that may have been the cause of it all.