Antivirus that mines Ethereum sounds a bit wrong, right? Norton has started selling it

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Lol they think that after installing Norton there are any resources left to mine some crypto? Think again.


Norton is a joke when it comes to Antivirus. It’s not really much of a shocker that they had resorted to this.


Norton already slowed pcs to a crawl. Might as well make pcs unuseable now. Well at least you can’t get viruses on something you can’t use.


Right when Ethereum is working on getting rid of mining.


>Worse still, NortonLifeLock claimed, miners will likely store their digital wallets, containing their precious coins, on hard drives that can fail. The company says, funnily enough, a better approach is to have its computer security software mine Ethereum while it runs, then store the results in the Norton cloud. Jesus christ, anyone should read this and immediately run in the opposite direction