Apparently, “Finding Jesus” after a crime is a defense during sentencing to try to get out of going to prison…

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I lost a small claims court case once, because the guy (body shop) professed he wouldn’t do what he was accused of, because he was a “christian”. As soon as he said that, I knew that I lost… then the judge (not magistrate) looks at me, and tells me how a christian wouldn’t do what I was suing him of. However, outside he gave me the “missing” new parts, that magically showed up in his suv. Hmmmm, I guess I was the wrong one, not accepting membership in a cult, and professing my aligence to lies, exploitation, and faith in an excuse to do what you want, as long as you profess your membership.


My mother always jokes that Jesus must have done some really nasty crimes since everyone always finds him in prison.


why doesn’t jesus testify on their behalf?


I’ve always wondered if the whole “christians are overrepresented in the jail population” thing was due to christians being inherently more likely to commit crimes, or whether the figures are being skewed by “parole-board christians”?


It is peculiar how many criminals, including really nasty ones find Jesus before sentencing.