Aren’t you guys tired of these annoying, know it all Santa deniers?

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Those people are under the influence of The Grinch! Please write letters to the North Pole asking for Santa to intercede and help you, and if He hears them they’ll be answered.


Look, all I’m saying is that you are a closed minded bigot if you don’t want your tax dollars going to education saying Santa exists. If you deny Santa’s existence any longer then I will technically be oppressed.


I know what you mean, got into an argument with someone about the Easter bunny. They tried telling me it’s a made up story for kids. I said “Then why do I find little chocolate bits all over my house and why do I see his helpers hopping outside gathering supplies all year round” Same person had the nerve to say I was crazy for thinking the ghost, zombies, mummies, and superheroes are real and fight for candy every October. I swear the nerve of some people. Praise the flying spaghetti creature in the moon /s


Santa works in mysterious ways.


This is a war on Santa and we need to fight it. I need all of you Santa believers to send me 10% of every single pay cheque you’ll ever earn, in order to help me spread the word of Santa and fight this war. If you do it then I’ll speak to him on your behalf. I have his phone number. You’ll know you’ve received his blessings because every present you get at Christmas is from Santa. Other people may say that they went and bought it for you, but that’s not true. They’re trying to take credit for Santa’s work. So I need $250 now if you only want average presents. If you want the present you’ve always wanted then I’m going to need $1000 as a minimum. Send now otherwise Santa will send you crap presents