As of today, I have now been an atheist for longer than I have believed in god!

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I stopped believing in magic and demons and gods when I was around 10. I put all of those stories in the same memory bubble as Santa and the Easter bunny. “Fables of the Silly human race and the lies our parents told us because their parents did it “. I am about to turn 51 and I don’t regret it.


Almost 62 and I never believed in gods, religions, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. Got in trouble when I was 4 for pulling Santa’s beard off to show it was fake. My parents were often distressed with me.


Congratulations. I’m glad you had a generally positive experience. I know not all can say the same.


Congrats. It’s good to have a positive story on here.


I was heavily involved in the church growing up. I remember having this same though when I turned 32. Congrats!