Biden bans US investment in Chinese military and tech surveillance sectors

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Thread on some geopolitical investment relevant item gets super popular Thread hits the front page /r/all browsers that are casually subscribed dogpile in to discuss everything but actual investment topics Thread gets locked. The cycle continues.


Wait… This wasn’t already banned!?


This is why I’m just not about investing in China, and why I think funds need to start taking geopolitical more seriously. The future of US-China relations are uncertain, but are not looking good. Eventually they will likely improve, but who’s to say when that will be and what will be caught in the cross-fire. I can’t respond because the thread is locked, but to those saying it will not improve – that’s very short-sighted. And that assessment is precisely why I am saying investing needs to take geopolitics seriously in the globalized era. People that know how to study the relationships between states are who should be coming up with those assessments. And to find reason to suggest it will eventually go back to normal (and by eventually I of course do not necessarily mean in the next 5 years), we need only look at trade up to 2016. Issues eventually get resolved, and the obvious benefit of free trade provides very strong inventive to work this shit out. Geopolitics are very complex, which means you can’t just take things at surface value. And, really, we still do a lot of business with China so to suggest that no one should invest in China, while I obviously agree that it should be avoided, is in itself somewhat speculative.


Puts on BABA?


I find it funny that r/investing has repeatedly warned that China would ban foreign investment, but praises the US for banning investment in China