Chrystul Kizer, sex trafficking victim accused of killing alleged abuser, wins appeal

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They refer to the perp as “*alleged abuser*”. Then you get this about the perp: > Police raided the house and found “hundreds” of child pornography videos and more than 20 “home videos” of Volar abusing girls who appeared to investigators to be as young as 12 years old. While the investigation unfolded, Volar remained free.


I think “wins appeal” in the headline doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. >A Milwaukee woman accused of killing a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her and other underage girls is entitled to an appeal using a certain type of defense strategy, a Wisconsin court ruled this week.


Congrats to her! I’m a public defender in WI and this was a huge case for the office statewide. Everyone was talking about it. The pic they always use includes an absolutely fantastic attorney on the left of the photo who for a couple more weeks is actually a judge in Kenosha. Amazing work by everyone all around and glad to see young women starting to get treated with more dignity.


Just drop the charges already.


Fuck you. Let her go.