Covid deaths ravaged this Native American tribe. Now, 98% of eligible citizens are vaccinated. Vaccination efforts have been so successful for the Blackfeet Nation in Montana that it shared surplus doses with Canada and will help vaccinate tourists visiting Glacier National Park.

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I’m a Canadian beneficiary of their surplus. Hope to get my 2nd dose next week.


> While about 10,000 people live on the tribe’s sprawling reservation, which is larger than the state of Delaware, the effects of the coronavirus were acute: Tribal health officials recorded more than 1,390 cases of Covid-19, including nearly 50 deaths. > “When the vaccines came along, they were a breath of fresh air,” DesRosier said. “After all those dark days, when the pandemic was right in front of us and people were passing away and you couldn’t even say goodbye, now we’re doing everything we can to protect ourselves and anyone else who asks.


I live here in Montana and am so proud of the tribal generosity through this pandemic. I hunt and fish reservation land every year and get to know aome of them. They are wonderful people.


Will help vaccinate tourists? Won’t anyone who wants a vaccine get one before being a tourist?


The Native American tribes showed what happens when a nation doesn’t pussyfoot around a bunch of loonies and make sure feelings aren’t hurt. Borders were fully shutdown. Elders all got in line. Vaccines were not optional for being accepted in society. American culture wars have made us all sick in the head.