‘Dark’ ships off Argentina ring alarms over possible illegal fishing: vessels logged 600K hours recently with their ID systems off, making their movements un-trackable

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The world’s oceans are getting completely looted. Some fish populations are down 90% in last 15 years. It’s not just illegal, but we are witnessing an international criminal network with multiple parties operating complicitly, without fear of punishment, and with complete disregard to the ecosystem and the aftereffects of their actions. It’s gonna change the face of this planet for generations to come. The lungs of the earth are not the Amazon like so many think. They are our oceans. And when that ecosystem goes….we are all in trouble.


Every country in the world invests a big percentage of GDP in armament and all we do with it is drill for combat when we should be using those weapon systems to defend ecosystems, we depend on them for our own survival.


This sort of thing always bugs me. I was a lead developer for a demonstration payload for the International Space Station. It was designed to track ship movements around the globe, but we could also catch other signals transmitted from ships – like marine band radios. We were able to triangulate the location of some of these dark ships. We looked to spin it off into a startup, but couldn’t get funding. I dunno, seems like a technology to locate dark ships and potentially save countries millions of dollars in lost revenue just wasn’t a good enough business case to investors.


How fucking depressing is that: we’re a very rare anomaly in the universe, a lifeform who managed to survive millions of years and to envolve into self-aware and intelligent beings, developped agriculture, industry, incredible technologies, even managed to go to fucking space, and somehow too fucking stupid to keep our own planet habitable. We’re killing it just to gain some shitty short term profits which the universe couldn’t care less. We’re fucking killing our own home to make money out of it. We will die with our pockets full of money, which at that time will be worthless. The planet will be silent again, the universe will keep expanding and getting colder, and a rare opportunity for an intelligent lifeform to grow would have been wasted by pointless greed. It’s truly pretty fucking amazing to witness both extremes of the intelligence spectrum.


China has heavy investments in Argentina. When a new U.S. Coast Guard ship went to the South Atlantic at the start of this year, they worked with Brazil and Uruguay. Argentina refused to let them dock, never mind do a cooperative exercise.