Don McGahn Is Finally Testifying About Trump’s Obstruction. In Other Words, the Cover-up Worked. | The former White House counsel is two years too late.

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Bluntness is entirely warranted when taking about Republican strategy. Letting a criminal president run the Whitehouse unabated is clearly a threat to democracy.


The fault falls on not enforcing congressional subpoenas


The mere fact that he was able to skirt a congressional subpoena for 2 years signals foundational problems with our justice system. A congressional subpoena is not something you should be able to negotiate, its a fucking subpoena. They really dropped the ball on this one


>”Lawyers don’t take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes.” President Don Trump Sr. to White House counsel Don McGahn


This an article for and Capt Obvious. What we’d like to know is what’s going to be done about it—if anything…