Facebook to change rules for politicians

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Good. I never got the idea that you should be able to spew a bunch of conspiracy theories or incite violence just because you’re an elected official and private companies are somehow obligated to help you spread that speech. It’s worth repeating here that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences. So if you like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and want to remain on there you have to play by the rules. Don’t like it? Go bootstrap yourself to your own social media service.


Too little, too late. When you’ve lost all credibility as a company, even implementing positive changes isn’t going to move the needle.


same rules apply to every user equally, its not hard. The favorable treatment of conservatives needs to end


They won’t follow them consistently, if at all.


So they’ll be subject to the completely automated dumb “smart” AI permanent bans the rest of us get? Facebook has completely lost control of its platform. It refuses to invest in human moderation to contain the vile and illegal content flooding the site every second so they put bots in charge. The result is getting permanently banned for calling yourself dumb or making a joke that could read to a dumb computer as a bullying insult.