Forbes: Biden: It ‘Makes Sense’ That $300 Unemployment Will End In September.

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I support sunsetting the extra unemployment, but IMO using the argument that folks are using the extra unemployment not to go to work is just silly, if only because it’s near impossible to prove. Instead he should just focus on the enormous cost of the program and point to the fact that vaccines are now widely available and we don’t have much to look forward to changing with respect to the pandemic any time soon.


But the estate tax cuts will remain. It makes sense.


lol however you feel, for or against additional unemployment… can we agree that September is such a moronic arbitrary date? Like, we are either good or we are not… you can’t guesstimate that it’ll be alright in 3 months.


I’m *still* waiting for TWC to start paying my claim that was filed in October of last year. Politicians love to use unemployment as a talking point, but it’s a totally broken system that makes people in desperate need beg like children for what they are owed and then finds every excuse they can to withhold benefits.


In ohio they are ending it in a few weeks. The reasons seem legit and also bs. It is really crazy.