Former Bush chief strategist says US needs to ‘go all in with the Democratic Party’ to ‘guard our Republic’

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Best of luck America, I fear you’re going to need it.


Dowd and Bush, among many others, are personally responsible for us being in this situation. I’m not sure I believe Dowd is telling the truth about changing his mind. Regardless, he can both be an awful person who helped do awful things and also be correct about needing to support Democrats.


When the arsonists who set the fire start calling for water something might be wrong.


Hey remember how our administration orchestrated the Brooks Brothers Riot to stop vote counting in Florida and then we stole an election? Well we think Trump went too far in causing the Capitol riot and trying to overturn an election.


For those of you who might have been too young to remember, the Bush 2004 Campaign basically ran on two themes: Don’t change horses midstream (Iraq War, which was already turning into a shitshow), and if you vote for Kerry he will legalize gay marriage. Seriously, one of their things to push conservative turnout was having red states put state constitutional amendments on the ballot to outright ban gay marriage in their states, and it passed in a shitload of places. Those laws would still be on the books if it wasn’t for the Supreme Court. So yes, Dowd is right, vote Democrat to save the Republic. Also, Matthew Dowd go fuck yourself.