Honor Killing: Pakistani girl feared dead in Italy after refusing arranged marriage with cousin

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There’s nothing honorable about that it’s murder I hope she’s safe


Fuck those arrogant religious idiots! Disgusting ignorance!


This isn’t just one mentally ill person committing murder we’re talking about, but an entire family. And considering that honour killings is a recurring thing in Muslim families, shouldn’t it be obvious that Islam is a tool to incite suffering and death?


I hope Italy has an extradition treaty with Pakistan. Edit: They only have one for crimes like corruption, money laundering, bribery and so. (Search Italy extradition from Pakistan, the one from OECD is the result)


Fuck muslims. Sorry not sorry. Religion is a curse, just cuz some of them seem fine doesn’t mean they are not enabling this kind of shit by staying silent and continuing to practise religion/brainwash their children to be homophobic, brainwahing girls to fear their own skin being on show and believing full body coverings to be normal etc. Defending religion is not woke. Its the opposite.