House bill would designate space as critical infrastructure and require the federal government to establish guidelines to protect it.

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Every time they refer to “space” as infrasturucre it sounds like they’re saying all of natural space is infrastructure. It’s a weird way to word it.


Man it’s time we do this.. but for the ocean?!?! Literally makes all of our oxygen, China and other countries are just raping the seas of everything. The ocean is a HUGE Critical Infrastructure for humanity to survive, we NEED to protect it.


Space is the new national park. Sign me up as a park ranger.


Time to read between the lines and guess how they’re going to twist this bill so as to screw over satellite megaconstellations. Or, rather, *this* megaconstellation but not *that* megaconstellation because it’s totally different. Until, of course, other countries start doing the same thing and for some reason don’t give a crap about some US bill.


Space Wars will be fought over asteroids containing rare metals and ore. Edit: who says it has to be with our own species.