Hudson American Legion to close permanently after cutting veteran’s mic during Memorial Day speech

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The state chapter threatened to pull their ticket unless they saw some resignations. Guess they were serious. Edit: BTW it was quite a statement. >Statement from the Facebook page of the American Legion — Department of Ohio: >It is clear and evident through the statement sent to our Department that the Officers of American Legion Post 464 intentionally censored Lt. Col Bernard Kemter, US Army (Ret.) during his Memorial Day speech hosted by American Legion Post 464 of Hudson, Ohio. >This action was highly inconsiderate and proved to be a feeble judgment call made by the Officers of Post 464 and not at all aligned with the Principles, Pillars, and People, of The American Legion. Not acknowledging or discussing history that involves people of a different race and color is akin to eliminating or making invisible the fact that people of color exist and were/are part of this vital piece of history regarding a ceremony that veterans, families of veterans, and community members, hold reverent. >Therefore, Department Commander Roger Friend asks for the resignation of James E. Garrison, Post 464 Adjutant, and Cindy Suchan, Auxiliary President of Post 464 effective immediately. A formal letter from Commander Roger Friend has been sent to the said parties and a decision for the existence of this Post and a trial-board hearing for this incident is currently pending.


>pre-meditated and planned by Jim Garrison and Cindy Suchan Wow! Not and ‘Oops!’ moment then


>During his Memorial Day speech, Kemter referenced historians from Harvard when he said, “Memorial Day was first commemorated by an organized group of freed black slaves less than a month after the Confederacy surrendered.” >Suchan had told the Akron Beacon Journal that the volume was turned down during part of Kemter’s speech because “it was not relevant to our program for the day” and the “theme of the day was honoring Hudson veterans.” I’m…sorry? The first commemoration of Memorial Day is NOT relevant to your Memorial Day ceremony???


My father tried to joined the VFW after he got home from Vietnam. They told him he wasn’t a veteran of a real war. He left and never went back. They did this to all the Veterans coming back from Vietnam for quite awhile. When they changed their tune and realized they needed new blood to keep going, none of the Vietnam Vets would step foot in the building. The building is no longer a VFW….


Solid response. James E. Garrison and Cindy Suchan can get fucked.