Humans have ‘untapped’ ability to regenerate body parts, scientists say – How many macrophages respond to the injury seems to be the key

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In addition to regrowing limbs /etc it would be nice to regrow the foreskin for those of us unfortunate enough to have circumcision forced on us. There are a lot of potential customers for this.


Piccolo will just be a regular fighter once we figure out how to tap into these powers. Imagine if Gohan could have regenerated his arm… the Androids wouldn’t have standed a chance. All we need now is a magic bean to bring us back to full power after an intense battle.


Neat! We are like a millennial away from being able to just easily do it, but good info to know


So… potential immortality if we figure out how to induce this?


It’ll be glorious when the day comes when we lose limbs and start saying, “It’s just a flesh wound” knowing they’re grow back.